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March 13, 2014

In Honor of Real Inspirational Women

Not unlike many other companies before, I would assume, I started with an idea for a product - a tall sock with grips.  From this product concept came the formation of my business - Passion Forward LLC - and the decision that this company would be more than a sock company.  I want Passion Forward LLC and the Treadfast brand to be symbols of what it looks like to live passion forward and to encourage other women to do the same.  Instead of just talking the talk, Treadfast is about walking the walk - hopefully, while wearing Treadfast grip socks ;)

This blog post is about the women for which each sock style is named. If Treadfast is all about women supporting women, then it is also all about acknowledging the women that are encouraging, inspiring and supporting us in our passion forward journey.  And what better way for Treadfast to acknowledge these truly phenomenal women than to name Treadfast socks after them.  So now, a little bit more about the first two namesakes.


Ceanne Curwen was so many things to so many people.  She was a teacher who passionately taught pre-school and kindergarten kids in an underprivileged community.  She was a committed walker who took to the trails of the Laguna Beach area almost everyday and always invited a friend.  She was a baker who baked to put smiles on the faces of those that came into her life and to feed the souls of others.  She was an event organizer whether the event was a cancer walk-a-thon, traditional family Christmas, or just a lunch with girlfriends.  She was a confidante, an advisor, a therapist and her sessions took place anywhere from her kitchen table to the hillside trails.  She was the glue that bonded people and the bonds formed were so strong that they only strengthened with her passing.

She was a cancer fighter who continued walking the trails, teaching her students, and being there for her family and friends while undergoing chemo therapy and radiation treatments over the course of a decade.

She was a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and my aunt.


Tiffany Chiu is the personification of what it means to live passion forward.

From the age of 6, Tiffany has been a horseback rider and, really, a horse whisperer.  An avid learner, she pursued higher education and took her horses with her when she went off to UC Santa Cruz.  She graduated from UCLA and then went on to start her own business as a horseback ridding instructor to students of all ages.  She goes above and beyond for her students  providing over-nights once a month, field trips to learn more about horses and riding, immersive summer camps, and detailed photo books capturing their time spent at the barn.  She teaches what she calls the “whole horse approach” - in which her students experience what it truly means to own and care for a horse - from mucking the stalls, to grooming, to cleaning the equipment and, of course, loving the horses.  She is a firm leader who teaches discipline and responsibility to her students.  But she is also perhaps the most loving person you will ever meet.

And despite the long hours required of a business owner in a physically demanding field, she is steadfast in her support of her friends and loved ones. She will help you sell your crafts at a craft fair. She will promote your latest book to anyone that will listen. She will attend your important events and performances.  She will cheer you on in the challenges and goals you undertake and she will listen when it isn’t going your way. She will stand up for you and your decisions, even if they are not traditional or well-received by others.  She will send cards for almost every occasion, but mostly to address whatever it is that you need to hear most at the moment.  She is my big sister and she sends me cards each month telling me that I can do it and that she’s proud of me.

How could I not honor these women?  

And so I ask you, who has supported you and shown you what it means to live passion forward?  It doesn’t matter how you do it, just find a way to thank and honor them.

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