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Treadfast Mary Jo Women's Knee High Barre Socks Grey Color
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Mary Jo Knee High Barre Socks

Classic and versatile - you can wear your Mary Jo Knee Highs in boots, over leggings, and around the house.  You’ll wear them so much, you might need two pairs....

$ 22.00
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Treadfast Maia Thigh High Women's Black Pilates Socks
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Maia Thigh High Barre Socks

Wear your Maia Thigh Highs all the way up, if you’re feeling daring.  Or scrunch them down for that cozy (yet sexy) leg warmer look.  And either way, they’ll always...

$ 28.00
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Treadfast Ceanne Yoga Thigh High Grip Socks
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Ceanne Thigh High Barre Socks

Sometimes you're looking for an extra leg up.  Get it with Ceanne, the only treaded thigh high active sock that will keep you stunning, grounded and cozy all at the same...

$ 25.00
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Tiffany Knee High Barre Socks
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Tiffany Knee High Barre Socks

Take your active style to a whole new level with Tiffany, the only treaded knee high that combines a fashion (and passion)-forward chevron design with the highest quality, perfect-fit construction....

$ 20.00
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Treadfast Tee

The Treadfast flying heart is the symbol of the Passion Forward Movement.  Show that you live passion forward by rocking your very own Treadfast Tee. An ultra-soft, lightweight American Apparel...

$ 30.00 $ 20.00

Boss, Not Bossy Graphic Tank

Did people call you "bossy" growing up? Do people still call you "bossy" today? If by "bossy," those people mean assertive, opinionated, and confident - then yes, we are "bossy!" We're taking...

$ 40.00 $ 30.00


You're a Barre Star - you work hard, be proud of yourself! An ultra-soft, lightweight American Apparel Tri-Blend t-shirt in heather grey with gold print, this t-shirt was specifically made...

$ 30.00 $ 20.00


In this social media era, it's all about the hashtag and the Passion Forward Movement wouldn't be a movement without its own #passionforward hashtag! Pre-shrunk and laundered for softness, you...

$ 30.00 $ 20.00


It's all about the #hashtag - wear this shirt and proudly proclaim that you live your life #passionforward! Pre-shrunk and laundered for softness, you will want to wear this slate...

$ 45.00 $ 25.00

Treadfast Pullover

The Treadfast flying heart is the symbol of the Passion Forward Movement. Wear your heart on your sleeve (almost) and help spread the Passion Forward Movement. An ultra-soft, lightweight American...

$ 45.00 $ 32.00
Accessories - Passion Forward Hair Tie 5-Pack
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Passion Forward Hair Tie 5-Pack

The Passion Forward Movement is about pursuing your own passions AND supporting other women in doing the same. The Passion Forward Hair Tie is both a bracelet that shows support...

$ 10.00
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