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Passion Forward Hair Tie 5-Pack

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The Passion Forward Movement is about pursuing your own passions AND supporting other women in doing the same.

The Passion Forward Hair Tie is both a bracelet that shows support for the Passion Forward Movement AND a hair tie.  Because as women, we're always multi-tasking and so should our accessories.

Made from soft, stretchy elastic, this hair tie won't cramp your style (or dent or damage your hair).

$5 from each pack of Passion Forward Hair Ties will go to a cause that supports women following their passions and making a difference in our world.  Each Treadfast collection will feature a matching Passion Forward Hair Tie and new women's organization which we will proudly support.

Our first Passion Forward cause is Ms. JD - a national non-profit dedicated to supporting and advancing women in the legal profession.

Ms. JD seeks to support and improve the experiences of women law students and lawyers.  Obstacles to equal participation hinder not only women in the law but also their colleagues, clients, children and communities.  Ms. JD consequently strives to give voice to why it matters that women continue to overcome barriers to achieve gender parity in the profession.  In doing so, Ms. JD spreads the word: women's victories are everyone's victories.

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Tops: Chest Waist
Small (0-2) 30-32" 25-26"
Medium (4-6) 32-34" 27-28"
Large (8-10) 36-38" 30-32"