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About Us


 Not your average grip socks, not your average sock company.

Treadfast designs tall socks with grip perfect for barre classes, Bar Method, Pilates, and yoga. We support you and your extraordinary life from the feet up, with socks that embody both beautiful form and high quality function, just like you.


The Founder's Story

An attorney by trade, Nicole Chiu-Wang left her first job as an associate at a law firm to compete on Season 10 of NBC's The Apprentice.  This sparked Nicole’s search for her dream job and that search led to the motto “Passion Forward” – which stands for the idea that as long as you make life and career choices based on your passions, you can’t go wrong!  Along the way, Nicole found that other women felt much the same about their lives, their dreams, and their careers.  Through this commonality, a new movement of women supporting women was formed – the Passion Forward Movement.

A lifelong tall sock lover, Nicole spent years bored by the standard, short, grip sock options being sold in studios and frustrated by the lack of tall socks with treads to wear while taking and teaching Bar Method.  After her husband suggested that she just make some herself (men always want to offer a solution, don’t they?), a light bulb went off! Nicole realized that she could combine two of her greatest passions – fitness and fashion – to create the only tall active sock with treads!  With that (and hundreds of hours spent designing, prototyping, and forming a business), Treadfast was born.

Determined to make more than your average sock company, Nicole founded Passion Forward LLC and wanted it to stand for something bigger than socks.  The brandname “Treadfast” was chosen as a play on the word “steadfast” with the idea that Treadfast stands for perseverance, strength, and dedication.


The Sock Names

As a tribute to the amazing women out there making their dreams happen, each sock design is named after a real woman who has inspired other women through living her life passion-forward.  It is our small way of saying thank you.


The Passion Forward Hair Tie

Realizing that there is almost nothing that can stop women that band together for a common goal, Treadfast designed the Passion Forward Hair Tie.

ms-jd-logoEach Treadfast collection features a matching Passion Forward Hair Tie and Treadfast will donate $1 from the sale of that hair tie to an organization that supports the goals and dreams of women.  For our debut Passion Forward Hair Tie, Treadfast will donate $1 from the sale of each hair tie to Ms. JD, a national non-profit dedicated to supporting and advancing women in the legal profession. Treadfast founder, Nicole Chiu-Wang, is a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Marketing & Communications Committee for Ms. JD.

Wear this hair tie around your wrist or use it when you work out.  Either way, you’re making a statement and showing your support forthe Passion Forward Movement.  When women band together toward a common goal, nothing is impossible.  Let’s all get behind the Passion Forward Movement – because passionate women are unstoppable.

Socks & hairties  One size fits most


Tops: Chest Waist
Small (0-2) 30-32" 25-26"
Medium (4-6) 32-34" 27-28"
Large (8-10) 36-38" 30-32"